Brazil Fortaleza East Mission

This blog will share my experiences for the next 2 years while on my mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with the people of the Brazil Fortaleza East Mission.

I will start my mission with 6 weeks in the Sao Paulo Brazil Missionary Training Center (MTC), where I will learn to speak Portuguese and receive training on teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am very privilaged to be able to do this, as it will be a great opportunity for me to grow as individual, all while bringing others to Christ. My mission is to share the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Brazil, as well as serve them as Christ would serve them. I am very excited for this opportunity and hope to do my very best.

Elder Daynen Biggs

Monday, April 6, 2015

Semana Dos Santos

So this entire week has been a huge holiday leading up to Easter.  It's... very strange... This week was pretty hard to work because no one was home, and if they were, they were drunk.  But you, know, whatever!  There was a huge theatre production in the center of town Paixão de Cristo (basically the Easter Pagent) but it didn't start til 8:30 and we had a meeting, then had to be home.

E. Rodrigues
As for my companion, Elder Young and I were complete opposites. Elder Rodrigues and I, are practically the same person!  We talk, we joke, we laugh, we both work very hard, but we have fun while doing it.He's not very trunky but we always joke about that. He (unlike E Young) wants to go home how I want to go home, after the 2 years are up. We talk about home and family, but we stay focused.  But we call eachother trunky a lot, and sing different songs extremely loud at the same time.  At this point we are working as equals. I know the area better, and he's more experianced. But we've had to find tons of new people, that he practically knows as many people as I do.  He speaks no English, but that actually hasnt been a problem yet! Its only been 2 weeks, and i can already see my Portuguese improving mirculously!

Speaking of languages, I'm teaching English now every Tuesday at the church!  Its a great way to bring in new investigators and its cool to be the one teaching a language and not the other way around :P

Oh, and Mom, I don't know if you've seen, but a member from here, Tereza, posts pictures and videos on Facebook and tags me in them.  I think she has a video of me teaching, but i say hi to you <3

Conference was... good... i think... We watched it at the church and I was the AV guy basically.  So we had to be there an hour early, stay between, and an hour after, so practically no teaching. And we had a baptism fall this Saturday because her husband didnt want her to get baptized at the last minute, so conference was pretty frustraiting (especially becuase understanding was a pain in the butt). But President said I can downlaod conference on my flash drive and watch it this week :)

But! Things are good.  I'm definitly a lot more in the groove of things.  The branch isn't growing yet, but it is strengthening. Oh, and all the members love me. Makes me feel all special inside :D  I love you guys so much, and only 5 more weeks til mothers day!

Elder Biggs

something weird that boys here do, is walking around in girl's clothes with masks and bells while cracking whips.... I dont know why but these kids freak me out!

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