Brazil Fortaleza East Mission

This blog will share my experiences for the next 2 years while on my mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with the people of the Brazil Fortaleza East Mission.

I will start my mission with 6 weeks in the Sao Paulo Brazil Missionary Training Center (MTC), where I will learn to speak Portuguese and receive training on teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am very privilaged to be able to do this, as it will be a great opportunity for me to grow as individual, all while bringing others to Christ. My mission is to share the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Brazil, as well as serve them as Christ would serve them. I am very excited for this opportunity and hope to do my very best.

Elder Daynen Biggs

Monday, January 26, 2015

January 2015 in Trindade, PE, Brazil

January 12, 2015

Well, this week has been fun...

The week started with P-Day, which had little teaching, and District Meeting which is an hour anyway, so not much work that day.  Both of which were farily good days. But Wednesday and Thursday... Oh boy!  I'm not gonna lie, they were pretty hard. I had some pretty natsy blissters, both days I got home and found bloody socks, and I just was not feeling good.  But the last few days, after getting used to the area and the work a little more, I started to feel better.  Thoughts of home definitley sky-rocketed, but I'm not going anywhere.

Elder Young is a pretty cool guy.  He speaks only Portuguese to me which helps, but I don't always know what it is we are doing or where we are going (which is probably the hardest part right now).

The language is getting there.  I've been told many times that the language doesn't matter, the spirit does.  And I never quite got that until this last week.  I'm able to talk fairly well and people can understand me now, but I still cant understand them.  I can understand about 75% of what they say, but not understand the meaning.  The tone of how they talk and context the say stuff in is super weird.  I'm actually really happy aboutwhat I learned in the MTC. Definitley not too much, but It gave me a good basis.

The food is good. Same every day. Beans, rice, chciken, and speggehetti.  Which I like, so thats good.  They have chocolate milk here, but I'm afraid it is not good enough to get sick over like Hersheys is.  So I probably won't be drinking much chocolate milk for the next 2 years.  Have grown to like Coke though!

I'm happy to hear how things are going back at home.  Glad to hear Pres Russen is still Stake President and about Mitt. Right now, the hardest thing for me is adjusting to the area and ways people live here, its very different.  Anyways, I am doing good! I'm enjoying the work. And I'm excited to be here!

Elder Biggs

Here are some pictures from Trindade:

The inside of our apartment
This is what all of the streets look like
The closest thing I can get to juice spaghetti
Elder Young by the church building
January 19, 2015

Everyday this week has been diferent...  One day I will feel great, feel spiritual, and understand the language, then the next day feel awful. Its great :)  Elder Young hurt his foot pretty bad, so we were stuck inside for 2 days.  We did get permission to go on splits and I taught lessons with a member for a couple hours each day.  That was fun. But he's all good now and we've been back to normal.

As for lessons that we've taught, they are mainly to investigators.  generally about 5-8 with recurring investigators and 2-5 random people, then 1 or 2 to recently converted or less active.  Elder Young tries to get me to talk half the time, but I can't usually respond, only teach.  So durring conversations, he does most the talking.  Yesterday Elder Young actually said that this had been the WORST week of his mision (numbers wise), that he had never gone more than a week without baptizing someone and never had less than 2 people attend church.  As well as teach 1less than 15 lessons a day.  Its mainly because he is the Branch President and constantly has to deal with stuff there, and because this area was opened like 6 months ago.  The fact that this has been Elder youngs worst week ever is both bad and good.  Bad, because its been his worst week ever, but good because that means that this is probably about the worst that it'll get for me! So, you know... thats good :)

This area is very interesting.  It's called Trindade, or Trinity, and is very religious.  There are TONS of churches here and every single citezen belongs to one of them.  Catholic, Evangelist, Lutheren, Universal, Love of God, Heart of Jesus (I think of Reygan and Makenna whenever I see that one [because of the movie, The Fault in Our Stars]), and tons of others.  It is quite literally like 1820 Palmyra here.  Nobody has every heard the word 'Mormon' here.  No one has ever heard of Joseph Smith or know who we are. Thats really good.  Everybody here will listen to our message and agree with everything we say.  and about 20 people a week will accept to be baptized.  But no one here likes commitments.  They all have excuses.  I haven't baptized anyone yet, but I've commited tons of people.  The hardest part with teaching is that I can feel the spirit telling me what to say, and I know exactly how I want to say it.  But I only know how to say in 1 way, and that generally doesnt do it.  But everyday, I improve.

Anyways, I'm doing good.  This place is a whole lot like Mesa, and that kinda makes me homesick, but at the same time it reminds me a lot of Hawaii (because of the buildings and music and stuff) and that makes me want to go to Hawaii... So you know, whatever :)

I love you guys very much, and I'm trying to make you, and my Heavenly Father proud!

Elder Biggs
January 26, 2015
I've begun to detect a pattern.  P day is good because its p day, Tues is cool because thats district meeting, then Wednesday is HARD. Thursday a little less, then fri, sat, and Sunday are pretty good.  I'm adjusting pretty well to everything at this point.  Everything is different here so it takes a lot of getting used to.

As for my spelling, I blame time.  The internet here is so so so so bad, so out of the 90 minutes we get, I only get 20 minutes to read and write. I am not exaggerating. 70 minutes of waiting today!

The language is coming along. Everyone thinks Im from Argentina because I speak very well with a different accent.  My speaking is pretty good, but the hard part is by far understanding.  That is rough.  But everyday I get a little better :)

I'm excited to hear more about Mitt, keep me updated. Oh, and I love Reygan's room with the pictures of Mom and Dad!  

Happy Birthday Reygan! XD

Anyway, tell everyone that I'm sorry I don't have time to write, but I love all yall and I'll try to write next week!
Elder Biggs

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