Brazil Fortaleza East Mission

This blog will share my experiences for the next 2 years while on my mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with the people of the Brazil Fortaleza East Mission.

I will start my mission with 6 weeks in the Sao Paulo Brazil Missionary Training Center (MTC), where I will learn to speak Portuguese and receive training on teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am very privilaged to be able to do this, as it will be a great opportunity for me to grow as individual, all while bringing others to Christ. My mission is to share the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Brazil, as well as serve them as Christ would serve them. I am very excited for this opportunity and hope to do my very best.

Elder Daynen Biggs

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Last May of the Mish

2 May 2016

This has been another fantastic week!  The last week of thetransfer and we wanted to go out hard (if one of us were to go out).  let me sum up our week with the aid of photos:

Alot of the week, we’ve been helping a member, Juliano, build his house.  There’s a favela built on top of a lake so sometimes water decides to come up out of nowhere.  But João, our baptism from last week, works building houses, so he’s also been helping out.

There was a cool activity with all the young women (which is now huge in our ward) that we helped with.  We’ve been teaching a lot of youth, baptizing, reactavating, etc, so theyouth is currently the biggest part of the ward.  All the young women recieved a bandana, and we all had a cool idea.

Anyways, remember Lila from 2 weeks ago?  Well we just baptized 2 of her cousins, Isreal and Isaias.  Isreal did not wantANYTHING to do with us the first time we met, and Isaias didnt take anything we said seriously.  Anyways, they went to church to watch Lila’s baptism,and loved it.  Now Isreal (17 years old) wants to serve a mission, and the rest of the family is excited for church this week.  It’s also really cool because they’re really good friends with João now.  So everyone’s helping each other.

In other news, yesterday we recieved a call from the assistants about transfers.  And there were only 2 people in our zone being transfered, and Camargo and I weren't one of them!  So yeah!  I’m gonna kill my 4th companion!  I think I’ll make a photo of 4 cross bones and put the names of all my comps that have ended their mission with me.  Young, Rodrigues, Belbin, and now Camargo!  Unfortunatly, Elder Rasmussen, one of our District Leaders was transfered. We gotto know eachother in Castelão and he’s super cool.  He also makes movies and we’re planning on combining forces afterwords.  It’ll be pretty cool.

Also, Elder Bellon is going home.  Which is crazy because when I had arrived in Trindade he was still really new. With 6 week transfers, I only have 4 more 0.0

But there you go. That was my week.  I love you guys so much and am really excited for this Sunday!

Elder Biggs

PS: I should be able to call the day before as usual, 4;30pm for you guys is 8:30 for me, which might be a little dificult.  But I’ll talk to President Fusco, and on Saturday will probably beableto call and sort it out with you guys.

11 May,2016 
Skype Calls & Some Pictures
"Time Flies" next week I'll hit the one year and a half mark! 

This photo is a lost to the ages of time and the fact that the MTC didn’t allow us to take photos...  and why would you even want a picture? It would’ve just been me with a headset with a billion other missionaries...

Mother's Day-2015:
Little Tayte and Hayden's hair is still normal
Tayte got bigger and Hayden got dorkier
Mother's Day-2016:

Tayte is a zitty gorrilla, Hayden has more hair than Ellie, and Dad turned into Tom Hanks...  And Mom, Reygan and Ellie are a pretty as ever :)

My Study Desk
A box of cigarettes


16 May 2016 
River Baptisms

This was a very cool week.  First of all, Elder Kusuda and I are really getting along.  Our companionship is very different from others that Ive had.  We talk and joke a lot less than my past companions, but we like eachother a lot.  He’s a quarterback from Utah and is half Japanese, and super rich.  So, I’m already to eat a whole lot of pizza and Burger King!

So, let’s just skip to the cool stuff.  This weekend the ward had been planning a huge activity at a cabin outside of Fortaleza.  The church owns a patch of land in a tiny town (a lot like Pine) and calls it “Camp Desert,” but being from the church, is super nice!  Anyway, Bishop wanted us to go really bad.  But it would be on Saturday (our busiest day) and we knew that President Fusco wouldn’t like the idea.  On Friday night I called President and asked and he said that he didn’t really want us to go, but it was our decision in the end. 

We had invited a TON of youth outside of the church and so we felt like it would be productive to go, also, there were 2 kids who would be baptized that week who would be going too.  We called bishop and told him that we weren’t sure and he hung up, and called us back after about 2 minutes saying, “I just off the phone with President Fusco and told him everything that you guys are doing in the ward and he said that you guys could come!   So we went and it was really cool!  Almost everyone we invited went and we decided to baptize the 2 kids there! 

I baptized Mariany (Israel, and Isaias’ sister) and Felipe (a neighbor of theirs and a cousin of some less actives that we’re working with) in a river! Finally!  I’ve always wanted to baptize someone in the river! So know I can check that one off my bucket list!
Afterwards I called President and told him how we had been able to do a whole lot of good there, we contacted a lot of friends that the members had brought and were able to meet all of our goals that day.  President trusts me to work hard and asked me if it was worth it to go and I said yes.  He said alright then, and then thanked me for the respect. 

This week our zone (which has been the worst zone in the mission), which usually just baptizes 1-3/week was able to baptize 6.  With just 5 companionships too, so its definitely getting better here! 
I love you guys very much and I’m learning a lot here everyday!

Elder Biggs

PS: This guys walks around selling candy as a clown.  And he doesn’t sell it in a normal way. This guy walks around the favela yelling at people to buy it.  “Get your butts out here and buy my candy!!!!”  or “Quit blaming the president for not having money!  Quit being lazy, work for a change so you can buy my candy!” etc…  


23 May 2016 
1 Year and 6 Months

This week was pretty uneventful.  So lets go to some pictures!

Seminary has started up again here, so the teacher organized a huge visit where they would get everyone of seminary age and visit every single person that wasnt going to seminary.  Ususally there are only about 3-5 people who go regularly.  But with the help of some of the newer members (Isreal and Gabriel), they were able to completely fill the classroom.

There was a few transfers this last week, so we had to take a new zone picture... so: The Sul Zone!

This week we baptized a 16 year old girl named Vanusia.  She has had to change a whole lot, but the coolest part is, is that she was able to prepare for her baptism in exactly one week.  We found her a week ago through Felipe, her nephew.  She told us that she wanted to change and be baptized.  Normally, a person would need at least a couple weeks to be prepared, but Vanusia really dedicated herself and was able to be baptized yesterday.  It’s really cool when you find someone who is ready to make a difference in their lives and start doing things right.

I hit my 1 year and a half mark on Thursday

I wann see if you can read this...

Our new 5 year old bishop.   This kid, Wilker (Wilkey)
is hilarious!  I'll film him one of these days so I can show you. 

But that was my week.  I love you guys so much and am really excited to see you guys again.  But in the mean time,  Ive got so much stuff to do, so I’ll sure have a lot of stuff to worry about.

Elder Biggs

30 May 2016  
Pizza, Cake, and Miracles

This week passed by really fast.   On Tuesday the Stake President called us, and the other zone leaders (thereare 2 zones in this stake) in to ameeting.  He told us of 2 wards that will probably devidein December and basically told us of the plans of the stake.  It was very interesting to see what goes on “behind the scenes” in wards and stakes and stuff.  Then afterwords, hebought 8 pizzas and a bunch of Coke! So, it went pretty well!

Here’s a picture of some weird dude on the side of a bus looking at me funny

And last night was Isaias’ birthday, to which we were invited

Ok, now a pretty cool story.  Never in the history of the Brazil Fortaleza East Mission has it been able to baptize 300 people in one month.  So this month, being the last full month of President Fusco, we had all decided to baptize 300!  This last week we had a long way to go.  We had to baptize a lot of people.  For Elder Kusuda and I, we had 3 people to baptize.  Everything was certain too.  Then out of nowhere, one mom didnt want her daughter to be baptized.  One didnt pass the baptismal interveiw and the other didnt show up to church.  We were totally out.  But we knew that we needed to baptize someone, we just didnt know where.  So we started looking looking looking until we found a family of recent converts.  Leticia, the mom of this family told us of a 10 year old girl named Rosimeire, who had been going to church for a long time now but whose mom had never allowed her to be baptized.  We then called her and her mom in and talked with them.  With Leticia there, the spirit was verystrong and the mom decided that it was ok, and she let her get baptized.

Leticia’s husband, Ivanildo baptized her on yesterday (which was his first baptism).  Its very interesting to see how the Lord asks us to do things and maybe it doesnt work out too well. But like Nephi with the brass plates, we cant give up and the Lord will prepare a way.
I love you guys and I’ll talk to you guys next week

Elder Biggs

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