Brazil Fortaleza East Mission

This blog will share my experiences for the next 2 years while on my mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with the people of the Brazil Fortaleza East Mission.

I will start my mission with 6 weeks in the Sao Paulo Brazil Missionary Training Center (MTC), where I will learn to speak Portuguese and receive training on teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am very privilaged to be able to do this, as it will be a great opportunity for me to grow as individual, all while bringing others to Christ. My mission is to share the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Brazil, as well as serve them as Christ would serve them. I am very excited for this opportunity and hope to do my very best.

Elder Daynen Biggs

Monday, May 2, 2016

Adventures in April!

4 April 2016

This week was a very different week.  First of all, it rained every single day.  Which is really weird considering the fact that it rains here about as often as it rains in Arizona.

One thing that stinks about the rain is that everything is getting kinda cold, which isn’t too bad except the showers (which are already cold) are freezing!  We live in a little apartment next to an apartment with 4 other missionaries, and I decided to take advantage of the rain and show them how to take a shower like a man.
To which they all decided to join me that night:
*I know I'm skinny, but I don’t care...

Other than that we had to go to the center of the city to go to the doctor for Elder Camargo, and while we were there we drank Coke like a Sir,

.....and I might’ve found a Canon store that I didn’t know existed!
Yeah, I got pretty excited about that!

Conference was another incredible experience! We watch conference at the same time that you guys do.  So its in the afternoon and at night.  But the priesthood session we watch at 6:00 am on Sunday.  After that, we stayed at the church for a while chatting it up, and someone caught a sexy photo of me:
Seriously, everybody in the mission has at least one picture of me like this.

Also, on Sunday I was asked to baptize Maria de Fatima, a woman who Sister Nevin had taught.  She wasn’t there so we got creative.

Also, like the jump suit?  They couldn’t find any others so i had to wear this, but it was actually really comfy, just wasn’t able to sit...

Anyways, that was my week.  I love all you guys and am so excited for 5 weeks (not that anything special will happen)!

Elder Biggs


11 April 2016

Quick Week
This week was really fast in some aspects and really really slow in some others.  But I'll just start with the pictures again and see if that helps:

Last Monday we brought a young family to a family home evening with some members of the ward,  Thiago (red shirt) and Gleiciane (blue dress) are investigating the church and she told us of an answer that she received about the Book of Mormon.

One night she wasn’t able to sleep, so she decided to read a little of the Book of Mormon we had given her 2 days earlier.  Afterwards, she remembered that we had asked her to pray for an answer if the book was true.  She then closed her eyes and asked. As she asked (with her eyes closed) she felt a light in front of her (as though some light was in front other and she was seeing through her eyelids) and when the light became so bright she opened her eyes and saw nothing.  She then woke up Thiago and said "hey, you know that Book the missionaries gave us?  Yeah, I think its true!"  Really cool!  They’re not married so we gotta do that, but they’re a wonderful family!

In other news, we took some sweet model shots of me just in case I wanna be an actor one day
Here’s a third model shot.  i took it with this guy so that I would look more beautiful in comparison.  He's so ugly! Right?

We ate a lunch at home and made a big lunch (send more Mac n' Cheese please!)

And we had a mission conference this week where I found out that my son (Elder Rodrigues) is now training, which makes me a grandpa!  So here’s a pic with my missionary posterity!

But that’s all for this week.  I love you guys and am excited for Mothers day here in 4 weeks!!

Elder Biggs

PS. Im teaching Elder Camargo English and he says "HI"


18 April 2016

Now We’re Rolling

This week, Elder Camargo and I were really able to go crazy here working hard and doing our very best.  And as we do our best, the Lord blesses us with miracles.  Literally every day this week people stop US and ask US if we can talk with them.  We don’t have one person to baptize this next week, we have several!  It’s incredible.  Things are really starting to work out for us here (which means that a transfer is probably close D: But hopefully not)

And now: Pictures...
We had a cool family home evening with a recent convert family who invited this huge family to visit, as well as a couple other people.

This is our church building here - one of the oldest in Fortaleza

We had made a deal with these two guys that if they brought 5 people to church this week we'd buy them pizza, and they brought 6. So... a deal’s a deal.  The man behind me is the bishop.  One of the best bishops I've ever seen, Bishop Dos Santos.
This is us with 2 other missionaries in our zone.  The guy on the end on the right is our ward mission leader who just got back from his mission.  The guy next to Elder Camargo is Elder Clements from Texas who got here 3 weeks ago

Pretty photo of a lake in next to my area:

Lila who was baptized this week.   She was going to be baptized NEXT week, but she loved church so much that she wanted to be baptized as soon as possible.  These two young men are her cousins who will probably be baptized this week

Another beauty shot: 

But yeah.  That was my week.  I love you guys. Talk to you here in 3 weeks!

Elder Biggs

25 April 2016

Really Good Week

This was one of the best weeks of my mission so far.  The week started with interviews with President Fusco.  Unfortunately, this was my last interview with him. He’ll be heading home in July I think, and our new President will be President Leite (pronounced Lay-ch).  President Leite was President Fusco’s zone leader and after the mission was his lawyer, so basically as President Fusco puts it, “if you thought I was tough, you have no idea what you got coming for you.  Good luck!”  President Fusco is pretty funny but is honestly one of the greatest men I’ve ever met or heard of.  I’ve already argued with members who talk bad about him because there really isn’t anything to talk bad about.  The members say, “oh, it’s a good thing that he’s leaving, huh?  You guys will finally be able to play soccer, and watch TV, and use the internet for more time, etc.”  But I’ve never been sadder to see someone go home.  But I’ve heard that having 2 presidents is cool, so we’ll see how this goes.

2 weeks ago we were visiting some people with a member, Pedro who told us to pass by a Mateus (15 years old) who lived close by and we decided to visit him right then.  He had already been taught everything by other missionaries, and had a lot of friends in the church, but didn’t want to be baptized because he hadn’t received an answer yet.  So, we decided to say a prayer right there and have him ask if the Book of Mormon was true.  He said a very quick simple prayer and ended.  Afterwards, I asked how he felt, and he grabbed my hand and put it to his chest.  His heart was beating like crazy and he had a huge smile on his face. He said “ok, NOW I can be baptized” These last 2 weeks we re-taught him everything and he was baptized yesterday after church with the whole youth of the ward watching.

These last few months we’ve been working with a man called João who has been working hard to be baptized since I’ve arrived.  He’s had to wait for a while because he’s been involved in some pretty heavy stuff.  Has basically done everything accept kill people; Ex-armed robber, drug addict, mafia king, etc.  It’s been years that he’s left that world, but still has had problems with the word of wisdom.   Anyways, we went to visit him (way earlier than we normally pass by) and saw him mad as heck.  Why, because someone had just tried to kill him.  Literally!  This kid (well, 22 year old) tried to stab him, because he had already tried to fight him, but João kicked his butt.  So we decided to take a walk with him and ended up sticking with him for the rest of the day.  We called President Fusco to see if João could talk to him and President Souto Correia (counselor to President Fusco) came to talk with him.  João told him everything that had happened, told him all about his past and how he wanted to be baptized.  After the interview, President Souto Correia came to us and said “Elders, baptize him now.  He’s ready!”  So we had decided to baptize him the very next day.  A problem came up with his work and he had to leave that day and just came back Sunday afternoon, and when we found him (by chance as he was walking home) we asked him how he was and he told us “exhausted” and we said, “well lets go and baptize you right now?” (This at about 5pm) and he was like, “sure, let’s go” and we headed to the church and quickly baptized him.  No baptism party or meeting or anything, just a prayer, the baptism, and another prayer.  But it was one of the best baptisms I’ve had here on the mission.

This was our week.  It’s interesting how as my mission moves on, I start to pay more attention to the miracles and spiritual experiences that I have rather than the funny or cool stuff that happens.  I still have those moments, but after a year and 5 months, this has become my life.  Like they say in the Book of Mormon, not even a hundredth part of the history could be told, and it really feels like that here.

I love you guys, and I’m excited to see you and the new house here in 2 weeks!

Elder Biggs

PS:  Normally, when it gets cold, people huddle around fire pits to keep warm. But here, missionaries huddle around fan pits to keep cool:

2 May 2016

Another Fantastic Week!

This has been another fantastic week!  The last week of the transfer and we wanted to go out hard (if one of us were to go out).  let me sum up our week with the aid of photos:

A lot of the week, we’ve been helping a member, Juliano, build his house.  There’s a favela built on top of a lake so sometimes water decides to come up out of nowhere.  But João, our baptism from last week, works building houses, so he’s also been helping out.

There was a cool activity with all the young women (which is now huge in our ward) that we helped with.  We’ve been teaching a lot of youth, baptizing, reactivating, etc, so the youth is currently the biggest part of the ward.  All the young women received a bandana, and we all had a cool idea.

(Fear the Fork!)

Anyways, remember Lila from 2 weeks ago?  Well we just baptized 2 of her cousins, Israel and Isaias.  Israel did not wantANYTHING to do with us the first time we met, and Isaias didn’t take anything we said seriously.  Anyways, they went to church to watch Lila’s baptism,and loved it.  Now Isreal (17 years old) wants to serve a mission, and the rest of the family is excited for church this week.  It’s also really cool because they’re really good friends with João now.  So everyone’s helping each other.

In other news, yesterday we received a call from the assistants about transfers.  And there were only 2 people in our zone being transferred, and Camargo and I weren’t one of them!  So yeah!  I’m gonna kill my 4th companion!  I think I’ll make a photo of4 cross bones and put the names of all my comps that have ended their mission with me.  Young, Rodrigues, Belbin, and now Camargo!  Unfortunately, Elder Rasmussen, one of our District Leaders was transferred. We got to know each other in Castelão and he’s super cool.  He also makes movies and we’re planning on combining forces afterwards.  It’ll be pretty cool.

Also, Elder Bellon is going home.  Which is crazy because when I had arrived in Trindade he was still really new. With 6 week transfers, I only have 4 more 0.0

Ive reached 150 lbs again and have gotten a lot stronger in just this last month.

But there you go. That was my week.  I love you guys so much and am really excited for this Sunday!

Elder Biggs

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