Brazil Fortaleza East Mission

This blog will share my experiences for the next 2 years while on my mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with the people of the Brazil Fortaleza East Mission.

I will start my mission with 6 weeks in the Sao Paulo Brazil Missionary Training Center (MTC), where I will learn to speak Portuguese and receive training on teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am very privilaged to be able to do this, as it will be a great opportunity for me to grow as individual, all while bringing others to Christ. My mission is to share the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Brazil, as well as serve them as Christ would serve them. I am very excited for this opportunity and hope to do my very best.

Elder Daynen Biggs

Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 2015 - Christmas in the Field

7 December 2015

This Week

Hey, hows it going? Cool! 
This week was very uneventful, as in I honestly don’t know what to say.  Its getting pretty hard to think of cool stuff that’s happened because its like, right now: Im training.  That IS the thing that’s happening.  And that'll be for the next 10 weeks.  So... Ill just talk about that :)

I love Elder Rodrigues!  He is really turning out to be my favorite companion.  Who until now was other Elder Rodrigues :)  He just BARELY turned 18 and is really cool.  He's going through the whole start-of-the-mission  thing, but he’s a lot better than I was when I got here.

Sorry for the short letter.  Im saving all the good stuff for Christmas!   See you next week!

Elder Biggs

14 December 2015

Another Week

E ai? (that means what’s up) Glad to hear from you guys, I really do love hearing about what’s going on back at home, don’t have to worry about long letters (Dad), if im running low on time, I just wont read it all :)

So this week was another week of just work.  Elder Rodrigues and I are really good friends at this point.  Id like to think that he doesn’t hate my guts, but there's probably a couple times when he doesn’t like me too much, but whatever.  Part of the experience.

Right now we're working with a woman in a rich neighborhood named Valésia.  She is a young mom and is absolutely eating up everything that we and the church are offering to her.  The only problem is that she isn’t married to her husband (super freaking common here) but she received a very strong answer to her question if the Book of Mormon is true and is half way through 2 Nephi!  She is the one with the cool dog named Mike, here’s a photo:

​He's a super rare type of dog called Shah pay or something mandarin or something.  I don’t know exactly...

This week we also did a service project where I used a normal shirt in the sun all day.  Well its been awhile since my neck has been exposed to the sun so... 

Yeah, that isnt feeling very good right now.

Oh and you guys have to send this to DeWitt.  The ward secretary here is named Theo (pronounced tell).  He served his mission in Argentina and got back just a little over a year ago.  I asked which mission he served in and asked if he knew and Elder Evans.  He said "Was he a secretary?" I said yes, and he got super excited when I told him he was my cousin!  So: DeWitt, Elder Da Silva told me to call you a "Bunda Mole" I'm sure you know what that means.  Also, he told me some pretty funny stories...

Alright I gotta go.  I love you guys, Dad, if you could send me the skype info thatd be great.  Next week we can get all set up for that!

Elder Biggs

21 December 2015

Good Week

This week was a very good week that I would like to start by sharing a picture of me eating "Tapioca" (basically starch cooked like a pancake) with eggs - a delight here in the Northeast of Brazil - with my instate hat and hammock:

Anyways, Tuesday was our Christmas Conference.  Super cool and super spiritual.  We started with pancakes with honey (they don’t have maple here) and later on watched Kung Fu Panda! A MOVIE!!!  The conference lasted all day and was a really cool experience.  Tempted me to stay for next year's too!

This here is Elder Amaral, who’s basically my best friend right now.  He lives in the same house as me and super cool!

The rest of the week was pretty normal.  We’ve been talking with this mom, Valécia, for the last week or two and she was nervous of what her husband would think when he got home from a business trip.  But when he got here he was very prepared and the two are really excited at the idea of Temple marriage.

I'm pretty much all out of time now, but it’ll be a lot easier to talk to you guys this Friday.  I love you guys so much and I'll so you guys this week!

Elder Biggs

Ready for Christmas!

28 December 2015

Christmas is Different Here

Skype Call!
So ever since I can remember, Dad’s always been telling me how magical Christmas on the mission is.  And receiving emails from my friends in the field in the US, the same thing.  But here... well... its a lot different.  Basically, here there’s a big party the night of Christmas eve, a huge dinner at 10-11pm, the at midnight they trade presents (secret santa) Then sleep, wake up at noon have a big lunch, the Christmas ends.  After noon, everything was totally normal.  People drinking and partying in the road, just like all the other holidays.  It kinda made me sad to see that no one really thinks about Christ on Christmas (even less than in the US) but maybe it’s all good and I'm just not used to it here.  But this is my last Christmas so, its whatever!

The day after Christmas I woke up extremely sick.  I was so weak and so bad that I couldn’t even sit down and study.  I called President and he told me not to eat anything or drink anything for the rest of the day.  Anyways, it started with the worst diarrhea of my life, followed by very painful vomiting.  And it was worse because I wasn’t vomiting anything.  I think it was like what happened to Mom when she was a kid (if I remember the story right) [dry heaving] anyways, that night I was (trying) to throw up and a tiny little thing came out and I instantly felt a hundred times better!  Apparently I ate something that wasn’t supposed to be eaten, and my body was like, "no no no no no no!"  So yesterday and today Im still pretty wasted, but its getting there :)  Fun mission stories!

All right, I gotta go.  It was so cool talking to you guys and I'm so excited to see you guys again in 5 months!

Elder Biggs

Me and Wedekind are pretty bummed about not be able to see Star Wars, so we made this.  I also should point out that this is COMPLETELY in camera.  That means there are ZERO effects on this photo.  Not photoshop, at all!

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