Brazil Fortaleza East Mission

This blog will share my experiences for the next 2 years while on my mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with the people of the Brazil Fortaleza East Mission.

I will start my mission with 6 weeks in the Sao Paulo Brazil Missionary Training Center (MTC), where I will learn to speak Portuguese and receive training on teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am very privilaged to be able to do this, as it will be a great opportunity for me to grow as individual, all while bringing others to Christ. My mission is to share the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Brazil, as well as serve them as Christ would serve them. I am very excited for this opportunity and hope to do my very best.

Elder Daynen Biggs

Monday, January 11, 2016

Starting a New Year off with Transfers!

4 January,  2015

Welp, Here we go Again.

New Years Eve (until 9:30) with Wellington and his family
So this last week had new years and that was pretty much like any other day.  Other than the fact that everyone was drinking and that everyone was blowing up soda cans.  Which was actually pretty cool.  We've been working hard and having LOTS of success.  We're finding people in ways that I never thought possible.  We've really been seeing miracles these last few days.  Ive had quite a bit of a problem training and this last week FINALLY am getting the hang of it!  And about an hour ago, we got a call that Im being transfered...

I dont know where or with who, and neither does Elder Rodrigues, but Elder Ramirez (Barney) was also transfered.  I only passed 3 months here (which is about normal) but I feel like I was able to do what I had to do.  I feel good about my work here.  Elder Rodrigues is about how I was when Elder Young left, like, "I didnt like you, but I dont want you to leave" He actually said that, but joking (i think).
Last P day playing with Amaral and Rodrigues (with a cool shirt)

Honestly, Elder Rodrigues was one of my favorite companions, (maybe even my favorite, sorry other Elder Rodrigues) but at least this one isnt going home until long after I go home :P  I'll let you guys know next week all the details on where I am, who Im with and all that jazz, but I love you guys, and I'm definitly going to miss Castelão a ton.
Elder Dorado and Sister Santos from Trindade leaving for their missions.
I ran into them at the airport (in our zone).
Elder Biggs

11 January 2016

Limoeiro do Norte

After I wrote to you guys we headed back to our house, after stopping by the grocery store to drink coke in th glass bottles one last time, and I got all packed up.   I really liked Elder Rodrigues, but I think the hardest part was leaving Elder Amaral.  Elder Rodrigues' comp arrived pretty quick and I still didn’t know where I was going.  So Elder Amaral stuck with me for a while waiting for his comp.  and we both about cried.  For the last 3 months, we’ve been best friends and its not like we’d really see one another, because he’s going home in a month.  So yeah... But we decided to meet at the Fortaleza temple dedication.

I later got a call that I would be returning to the middle of nowhere in a city called Limoeiro do Norte, about 4 hours from Fortaleza.  My companion is Elder Gomes da Silva and I’m training him too.  He got here with Elder Rodrigues and still has 6 more weeks of training.  He’s super cool.  One of the nicest and coolest guys Ive met on my mission.  Here, it’s us two, and 4 sisters.  This is the first time in my mission that I’ve had sisters in my district.  And here’s the best part….. I’m district leader.  Also, this district doesn’t have a zone, so I am also Zone leader.  ALSO!  The church here isn’t a ward or even a branch.  It’s only about 2 years old here so its still just a group.  Yesterday just had about 30 people in our old school where we have church.  The group leader just moved away and so now, IM the group leader.  Yesterday I was presiding, leading, blessed the sacrament, and gave a 40 minute talk at the end (which was a pretty sweet talk if I do say so myself).  So basically, I have all the callings except assistant to the president right now :)

I stole this pic off the FB (Erika)
Here in the middle of nowhere there is finally cool stuff that I can talk about again.  For example, these last three days there was a huge concert in front of our house.  In front. of our house.... We had to book it home 5 o’clock everyday because it got pretty ugly after that.  Also, it wasn’t really possible to sleep so that was cool! 

Ok, that was the week.  Hopefully these next few letters will be more interesting, but the internet here is slow again, so pictures might be a little more rare, but vai da certo!

Elder Biggs

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